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How to perform your first pullup

Pull up is very comprehensive and demanding task to perform. Especially when you're weak 😊

There is only one pre-requisite and it's enough strength. So if you not strong enough there are a couple of steps which help you to do your first pull up.


Let me first have a word about a grip, because this is very underestimated part of every pull-up. Your pull-up is as good as you grip strength and you need to know right from the start how to hold a bar to build that strength. The picture shows how to hold the bar correctly. It will take a while to comfortably hold it in that position. You might feel discomfort, but believe me, after a couple of weeks of calluses, you’ll master it.

There are three main types of pull up



C. NEUTRAL where palms are externally rotated

Another thing which needs to be mentioned is the thickness of the bar. For some people might be better to hold smaller diameter but I don't think that's effective. There's too much clearance between palm and bar. You can definitely do a pull up on any thickness but for sake of your comfort of performing a pull-up, I believe that the perfect diameter would be to fill the hole perfectly when you close the fingers with a thumb into the lock position. When you take the size of the surfaces and friction between them, the more surface is more friction, which means better grip and a strong pull on the end.

But we're on the beginning.


Yes, that's all. This is the first movement which helps you with grip strength and confidence on the bar. Hold the bar with at least for 10-20s with perfect grip. If you don't hold for that long try for shorter time, but hold it always with full hand and do not hang on fingers


This routine will prepare you to perform the pull up the correct way which is the most effective and the safest way for your joints. You will engage all back muscles properly.


This is another way how to incorporate previous two steps into a single exercise. Grab a chair and lift yourself to the finish position of pull up. Now step down from the chair and try to hold the position as long as you can. If you're not able to hold it even 1 second, slowly release yourself down on the ground and repeat the process for a couple of sets. Start this routine with the hardest grip (A) and follow with neutral (B) and underhanded (C)

Progressively hold yourself for longer, so you build more strength with the rest of the basic exercises.

Bear in mind to hold yourself with a proper grip. I know it might get very uncomfy. And try to not use any sort of the gloves if you're not a woman.

After some time, it differs from person to person, you should get enough strength to pull yourself over the bar.

When you perform this at home. I recommend you to buy a fresh new bar with no rubber grip if it's possible. Foam grip it more less OK because you can squeeze the bar tight, but anyway, naked steel is always the best option.

I am mentioning that, because a lot of commercial equipment in the gyms have a dodgy or loose rubber coating or grip so when you're trying to perform a pull-up as a novice with no grip strength, it is very uncomfortable due to the clearance between rubber sleeve and steel and you can't hold the bar firmly. If you have a grip of Hulk than it's not bothering you. If this is not your case lookup for a naked bar. Good luck.



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