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How to squat

et me have a look on a squat in general and contribute on this topic once for all.  Very good example of how the perfect squat should look like is shown to us by toddlers. Why it's so natural for them to stay in the squat for a long period of time with ease? Because humans were designed to easily squat from birth but it's disappearing even in the early stage of childhood, when we teach children to use potty, to sit on little chairs with around the table with other kids in nursery or kindergarten. From the postural point of view is clear, that society habits forcing us to became something else that we are meant to be. But as you can see, we should properly squat naturally with ease and stayed in this position.


The first step for healthy squat is to diagnose if you don't have any mobility issues caused by prolonged sitting in the office or in front of the TV.

Most of the people who don't do any activity whatsoever and complain about constant pain in the back find themselves in the first pic. This needs to be resolved by stretching and proper strengthening exercise. If you don't have enough mobility in your hamstrings, ankles and lower back. You just hurt yourself even more. There is one squat which rules all, but let me explain it later after conventional division first.





Differences are obvious. I wouldn't even call the first one a squat 😊 it's just a joke I guess. Parallel means that your legs end parallel to the ground. Last, and from my point of view most effective one is Full or ATG (ass to grass) squat, which helps not only with developing those quads and booty but helps to stretch all the muscles and tendons of the of the leg and keeps the joints healthier. 

I see so many beginners and guys who "teach" their girlfriend how to squat in the squat rack with barbel. Even the huge steroid trainers who force their clients into squat rack before teaching them essentials. In my opinion, it's completely wrong. I believe that you should first understand and know how to squat without a bar.  And here comes the one which I mentioned earlier. You might already have a clue. Yes it's AIR SQUAT. As I mentioned, you need to master the air squat first and then progress to the more advanced version with barbell and weights. 


Squat is a very comprehensive movement and it's crucial to have a strict form. To perform the almighty squat, you should always follow the progression and these steps, to avoid accident, headache etc.

  1. Straight back

  2. Chest up

  3. Weight in the middle of the foot

  4. Breathe into the diaphragm/stomach

  5. Engage the abs and core

  6. Lower the way down with controlled motion and tight core

  7. Hold the lower position 

  8. Push with heels

  9. Keep the posture both ways

  10. Breathe out on the way up

As you can see, It's very demanding task to bear all the steps in mind. That's why I said it needs to be mastered with air squats first because all of those steps needs to be followed with air squat as well.

Be patient. Train the structural essentials and stay tuned for more content. Next article might be about the good old deadlift. END.  Here is the exercise for those who have perfect mobility and strength, when you know how to fully control your body and master the form. Have fun.

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