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Workout at home with no equipment

Believe me, I was right there where you are right now. If you are planning to work out, you might be lost a little. There is one main question from the beginning. Where to start? The struggle might be real. A lot of people forget about what is important. Even before an actual workout, their first steps lead to the mall to buy fancy clothes and tediously pick up the right ones. I understand the look is important, but I assume that you are not in the best shape right now, so leave the clothes in store for later. Some of them spend hours on internet looking for the right gym in the area around which must have not just gym, but extra service as pool, wellness, spa, bubbles, gadgets which really just cost extra money, which they should preferably put on healthier food choices, instead of overpriced sport drinks on the bar in gym. If this is your case, read carefully. Save some money and grab some old sweatpants/shorts with T-shirt with a hoodie if you are cold. Don't get too excited and stop packing for a trip. We're not going out. We're staying at home. It's nice to have a fancy equipment, but let's just start already. We don't really need anything if you are a novice. If you want, can buy essential stuff tomorrow. And by essential I mean yoga mattress. No, you don't need those cute legging :-) For you who are more overweight than just a couple of pounds or skinny fat, first of all, just don't even think about to go for a run. We would need those joints for an actual workout later. On the beginning would be beneficial to find out what are your weak points if there are any. Check in the article about pre-requisites for a proper workout. Don't want to go too complicated, I would approach you as a total beginner as I was at the start.  Every effective workout for beginners should hit the full body but not in the way you won't walk for a week. You should hit the body enough to feel fatigue afterwards, but if you feel totalled after the first workout of your life, you will need a strong willpower to continue after a couple of days and terrible first muscle soreness.  And I will guarantee you that you will feel terrible. Stay strong. There are 4 major muscle groups, which has to be concentrated on during every workout

  1. Back and Arms

  2. Legs

  3. Chest and Shoulders

  4. Abs and Core

As a beginner, it's nice to train them consecutively as I wrote them. I did it on purpose. Because everybody just wants to start with chest and likely to overdo it right from the start so they end up with no stamina for other body parts, which are lacking on the end of the day. That's why I start with the most difficult one for some. WALLASFITNESSPROTOCOL™ is made for busy people with a busy schedule, people who work in the office from 9am to 5pm, with no time complaints. One of the best time to workout is in the morning on empty stomach with a cup of coffee, green tea or yerba mate. There are other options when to workout. More about the daily routine and how to customise the day is here.  So let's begin... Take an advantage that you are working from 9am and smash this workout before office hours. You will feel energetic as never. Every workout should start with a light warm-up for not more than 10 min. Warm up the joints and do a couple of minutes of jumping jacks or jumping rope. 1. BACK AND ARMS I recommend starting with those because you are full of energy and not exhausted after chest or any arm workout. Because you might not be able to perform a single pull up, I wrote the ultimate tutorial on how to perform your first pull up in a couple of simple steps which can be easily incorporated in this workout. Arms (mainly biceps) as a secondary muscle is trained with underhanded pull up very effectively so it's no need to train it alone. Triceps is trained with chest, again as a secondary. We need to keep things simple, not to over complicated too much 2. LEGS There is just one way to go. And this way is paved by Bulgarian squats, walking lunges and pistol squats. This is more than enough to develop those legs and ass. 3. CHEST AND SHOULDERS Finally, you're a favourite part of a workout if you are a man. But ladies should train those as well. There are many variations. I would recommend basic, basic with elevated feet and diamond push-ups. 4. ABS AND CORE This is kind of tricky. I would say to train abs on the beginning so you won't forget to train them. From two billions of abs exercises, I would choose those four most effective ones, follows with crunches knees to head, side plank, plank, and flute kicks. That's more than enough for one workout. Train simple and clever. Every body part for 10 minutes maximum. Have a break like 2-5 minutes between body parts, But 1 minute maximum in between exercise in the body part. Workout should last for 30-60min 5-10 minutes of warm-up 20-40 min for four main body parts 5-10 min of stretching AFTER WORKOUT What should I eat/drink/take right after you might ask? Very easy answer. That depends on a customisation of your daily schedule. You can go to bed/work now. We're done here. #fitness#gym#home#workout#handsome#handstand#pushups#upsidedown#muscle#winter#detox#posing#pose#man#alone#flex#abs#fitness#gym#home#workout#pushups#chair#lsits#muscle#winter#detox#posing#pose#man#alone#flex#abs#tuesday#lights#followme#gym #abs#man#sixpack#shadow#instagood#instalike#sexy#naked#biceps#shredded#life#fitness#gym#performance#calvinklein#underwear#selfie#model#look#coventry#prague#birmingham

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